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RealWorldSexTime: 20 minutes

In this final video from our week of #RealWorldSex we were both feeling a bit stiff and Lady M had a serious case of 'fuck-legs'. With that in mind, she asked Mr C for a nice gentle massage with some cannabis massage oil that we have. She was hoping it would soothe her sore muscles, and as always, Mr C was hoping that it would in end in sex...and being as GGG (Good, Giving, and Game) as she always is, Lady M was happy to let Mr C have his orgasm after she had her oil. A beautiful and sensual massage starts things off, Mr C absolutely loves to drink in the sight of Lady M and he rubs her with oil, all the wonderful spreading and squeezing that comes with a massage drives him wild. At a few points, Mr C slides into Lady M while massaging her, savouring the feel of her skin on his and all that wonderful THC rich oil between us. When he can't take it anymore, Mr C starts to make love to Lady M and she gives him yet another one of his favourite treats...her sweet and petite feet on his face and in his mouth as he slides in and out and in and out of her until he collapses in a sweaty heap on top of her totally spent. We had a ton of fun making these videos and we want to thank everyone who is a part of the #SocialSexRevolution @MakeLoveNotPorn - we couldn't do this without you, and it is the most amazing sexual experience we have ever had, here's to 50 more videos in the years to come!! Made with love...Malimi


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