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RealWorldSexTime: 16 minutes

It was late at night and Mr C was looking for some attention at the backdoor. Mr C loves to fantasize about a group of people having their way with him and he explained how we could make this happen. Lady M listened to his plan and said, "That sounds interesting..." He waited a moment after hearing that and said, "Does the next sentence begin with an 'and', or with a 'but'?" Lady M smiled and said, "It begins with an 'And' and a 'butt'!" The lovely and luscious Lady M, as GGG as ever, followed Mr C to the bedroom and made his fantasies come true with the help of 3 dildos of varying sizes and a bottle of lube. There is nothing more lovely than a helping hand to make your #RealWorldSex fantasies come true! Enjoy! Mr C sure did! Made with love...Malimi


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