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  • Shared by: LucidLovers
    We love handjobs.
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  • Shared by: KTKoi
    This is Ro and I about two and a half weeks after we first met. I asked him to get sexy with me on webcam for a "client". This video is an expression of my real world sex. I'm a webcam model who enjoys getting paid for portrayals of my own sexuality. That there are people in this world who will pay to support my life and my pleasure positively delights me. It's an edited video with me filming the session behind the scenes, and then footage from the cam show itself. It's in the style of a low budget indie docu-porno. I wrote a little bit more about this on a medium post. The unedited audio from the DSLR can be found on here.
  • Shared by: beautifulX
    Ceiling view, second try. No falling cameras this time, everything was properly mounted. It's the same action as in "Coconut Oil: Part 1" but from a different perspective, with some greater visibility and extra footage in the intro.
  • Shared by: Tasty Cookies
    We've been trying to address differences in our levels of desire. One strategy is using podcasts as a way to keep thoughts of sex on our minds. It was in one of these podcasts that we first learned about MLNP's existence! We'd already talked about how it may be fun to record ourselves "someday" but this moved our timeline up a bit. We recorded this video on our 2nd anniversary! We hope you enjoy our MLNP debut! You can listen to the podcast that inspired us, here: https://thelovedrive.com/make-love-not-porn/
  • Shared by: bruddazhang0
    Hi, this is my first video ever. I decided to follow my feelings this morning and take a moment to create some self-love instead of getting swept up by the busy day. I haven't always appreciated my sexuality and my body so this is one of the first big steps that I get to take to celebrate how wonderful both are and the freedom I have in doing so. Hope you enjoy.
  • Shared by: honeyandbear
    Two frisky lovers went on a sunrise hike and so, of course, the fresh air and beautiful views inspired a mountain-top quickie. We returned to the campsite still hungry for one another, which inspired a final lovemaking session, celebrating a special time away for C's birthday. This is the very same caravan in which we recorded our first ever MLNP video together, so go watch that too for 'a two-year time warp'!
  • Shared by: Desertdelight
    It's always wonderful to have some time with each other in the morning. Watching each other masturbate is so exciting and very intimate. We loved making this and watching it together and hope you do as well. Mrs and Mr Delight
  • Shared by: Obadiah27
    I finally dug through our ol' homemade video stash for this mashup. We're a couple of fifty-somethings who got off videotaping our sex with a camera we bought with wedding money in the mid-'80s. Our first attempt was before we got married, with a borrowed camera. The quality of that tape makes our others look like technicolor, but if you don't mind early camcorder production "values," it might get you off too. We weren't making these for anyone but ourselves. What a difference 30 years makes!
  • Shared by: ProxyPaige
    This is a video made by my partner and I. We wanted to express our love in new ways and this website is one of those ways. The sun was coming up, warming our skin, our spirit. So we decided to keep the temperature rising. Any excuse is a good excuse for us to have fun and make a video and we are pleased to share it with you. This is our first video on makelovenotporn, so we hope you enjoy! (If it goes good, more will come!)
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  • Shared by: lilycade
    I met Danielle on set and we really hit it off. We wanted a chance to fuck again, so we made this little video for makelovenotporn! It's a bit of a quickie, but a very intense one complete with fisting, strap-on, and just really good chemistry.