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  • Shared by: DirtyPair
    Vivi and Sal are making lunch and decide to have some fun in the kitchen. Actually, we had so much fun that we had to cut this video into two parts to show it all. The first part involves lots of intense teasing, kissing, and oral sex. Oh, and a little bit of spanking, too.
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  • Shared by: ALEX-ANNA
    It's been a long time since I've uploaded a video, but decided to go ahead and share a Me Time video for May. Alex is no where to be found these days, so I get a lot of Me Time. I wish I would have had someone to film this for me me so I could've gotten better angles, lighting etc... any way this is a real life Saturday bubble bath for me enjoying a glass of wine, the warm sunshine coming through the window, and of course... my JETTED TUB!! It's the BEST!!
  • Shared by: FeverDream
    A farewell to the captain's house in Maine, while paying an homage to my first video. The pleasures of self-love, decadent baths, and summers spent creating art.
  • Shared by: JanirasLovers
    Wolf and I were together for a period of time, but now live on opposite sides of the country. I was back visiting in Boston, and wanted privacy, so I got us a nice hotel, where we had sex and filmed it all night and morning :-) I'm posting this video first, because I could just watch the introduction over and over again, just watching the love we have as we're goofing around getting the shower started before we get all hot and heavy.
  • Shared by: IPHUKNLVU
    We are home. Not alone. There is usually a full house here. It was a fairly hot day. We are not the kind to run from nature so at this time there was no AC, just some good fans. And well with the baby on the way and the full house, not to mention working full time and having to pick up our son after work there is not very much time to do what we enjoy so much with each other. We had just taken a shower and grand mom was spending time with our son. So we took it easy for a while and the rest speaks for itself in the film.
  • Shared by: Khali Dea
    It was an emotional evening, the full moon eclipse energy took me through layers of sensitivity and finally I decided to take time for myself, a night of self care and art. I'm currently in India, surfing on a wave of creation and tantric collaboration with so many inspiring souls, arousal is constantly in the air like a spice of playfulness in a juicy pot of fulfillment and dreamy manifestations. The electricity broke down and I put on candles all over my apartment to enjoy intimate moments of self pleasure under a hot shower in the romance of candlelight. I embrace the softness of the water running down my naked skin and play with my reflection, the light and the shadow in the bathroom mirror. Enjoy this sensual expression of my sacred sexuality art. Namaste, Khali Dea.
  • Shared by: wanderandlust
    Rather than just do a straight self-love session for this month's theme, we evolved it into a pair of companion pieces featuring enchanted masturbation. Enhanceturbation? Eh. Terrible portmanteau but still we dug the idea. Just being fully in the receptivity of a massage/caress session from a clothed partner, then within that space of bliss & vulnerability, completing your own ascent to the peak experience. We can't recommend this enough, it was beautiful to be on both sides of the paradigm. Enjoy :)
  • Shared by: honeyandbear
    What started out as a passionate lickjob, with Bear lovingly devouring Honey on the kitchen table, turned into oh so much more as these two randy lovebirds couldn't resist taking it further! Hi, thanks for joining in our little tryst! We were away for a friend's bday weekend, and couldn't resist making use of the beautiful decor in this rental home. We had agreed this was only going to be a lickjob video...but simply could not resist all that followed. I'm sure you'll forgive us ;). We also used this intro to thank all of you who are enjoying our videos so much! We never expected this, but you're helping us to pay rent! Thank you, and hope you enjoy this new special offering. As Bear seems to say -and mean- every time, "This is one of my favourites!"
  • Shared by: AllenandtheJean
    During a recent unseasonable warm spell here in the south, we settled in the afternoon with a good book. We happened to be reading Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty series and it is some of the best erotica ever written. This is apparent when you see our reactions to this fine prose in this fantastically sexy clip. Enjoy.
  • Shared by: evan.forbid
    It's been a while since my first video — sorry! Adulting is hard :P Managed to break my collarbone over the summer, which definitely put me out of sexual commission for quite some time...but now I'm all healed, and despite having a serious boyfriend (woohoo!), I still have the occasional need for some "me time" ;) Got home from work today, watched an episode of Euphoria which reallllly got me in the mood, so I decided to just jack off here on my couch in the living room. Once again my dogs kept trying to get in the way, but luckily managed to keep them far away. Lots of self pleasure, some fingering my ass, some poppers and a massive cumshot...please enjoy :P
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  • Shared by: borninheat
    We just love our sturdy wooden table. It is perfect for some oral pleasure. And once we are both super hot we can really get into some action.. while it stays nicely in place. Since she loves cum splashing on her belly we did put some extra effort in the climax of this vid. Enjoy!
  • Shared by: GlitterandGold
    This video feels a bit strange, while we had fun making it the whole reason for making it is very serious. While we and everyone else on this site tries to be happy all the time, this is hard with the news of the coronavirus (corvid-19) sweeping the world forcing cities/countries to be locked down. Here in the UK (at the time of filming) a policy of social distancing has just come into force. This means that if you can work from home, you should, plus other restrictions on meeting up with people, although schools were still open at the time of filming (they were closed a couple of days later). Because Glitter and Gold are having to work from home and the children are at school, we decided to create this video (while we could), partly to cheer us up and hopefully you as well. To remind everyone that even in the darkest hour, you can still have fun and make #lockdownlove. And that it’s possible to stick two fingers up (or the finger / tell it to fuck off etc) at the virus while remaining safe and happy. Remember that your mental health is just as important as your physical health and spending time with your loved ones and sharing love with them helps with that especially in this uncertain time. There’s an old London expression of “keep your pecker up” which pecker refers to good spirts/happiness although I understand in America this means something else. hopefully this video will help with both meanings of the word. Keep safe and keep your pecker up. Glitter and Gold
  • Shared by: rickat
    The idea for “Morning Glory (Preludes)” started with the first ever sex scene we recorded last year when one night we decided to have some fun and dusted off the old digital Elf and even older tripod and set it up in the kitchen. The scene was very sexy, but the lighting sucked ass (and that’s Rick’s job!) so while we still watch it fondly it’s not up to par to be shared with anyone. So when we found ourselves sans kids one bright weekday morning we knew this had to be tried again. What resulted was a series of lovely frames capturing the foreplay and lovemaking session that eventually moves from the kitchen to the bed and we gladly take turns giving and receiving pleasure until the final dissolution…
  • Shared by: Desertdelight
    One evening Mrs. D agreed to masturbate on a table which turned us both on and made us giggle. We then went to our guest room where we had an inflatable queen mattress. The room got hot with us in there and we had ourselves some hot sweaty sex full of passion. We love catching these hot moments when you really connect with your partner. We had a lot of fun and hope you enjoy this fun video.
  • Shared by: colingray
    EATING COLIN/GRAY FOR BREAKFAST/LUNCH/DINNER- Colin/Gray have three steamy, hot sex sessions in one day. They show you how to cook a balanced breakfast, have a sizzling waterside picnic lunch and an x-rated cooking show for dinner. Watch these two decide what tastes better, the food or each other. Music: Asura "Whispering Through."