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  • Shared by: Richard Coyote
    We decide to experiment with our first roleplay video. In our take on roleplay we attempt to keep our interactions authentic while playing with roleplay tropes and flipping some of them upside down. The set up for this scene is that we're step siblings who've suddenly and inexplicably swapped bodies. Our hope was to avoid some of the potentially creepy and heteronormative pitfalls that often plague common roleplay porn and make something both silly and sexy.
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  • Shared by: Modesty Ablaze
    Even though Caning & Spanking is talked about more openly than ever before, I think a lot of people still feel that it is always about trying to hurt someone. Well, I’ve always enjoyed spanking and bondage play in my relationships as a way of introducing FUN and extra excitement. Something different that I never take too seriously. And whether I am the one giving or the one receiving, I actually find it to be a really strong, loving and sharing experience. And that can be a huge and wonderfully all consuming emotion. So I hope you will agree that my “Cane Love” video illustrates that perfectly.
  • Shared by: Desertdelight
    We decided to use our new bed straps so the Mrs enjoys getting all tied up in this video. We had some hot sexy fun in this video especially after the Mrs. had so many orgasms in a row. The video has a second part to it later in the evening when we start having sex again and we were in the mood for some dirty talk. Mrs D really got into the dirty talk as we had anal sex in our second sex session of the evening. We had such a great time trying something new and hope you enjoy!
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  • Shared by: TheWolffes
    The possibilities in life, and in the bedroom, are endless. Recently, We've been increasing the intensity of the CBT and bondage in Our play. This video was filmed 2 weeks ago as We began testing the waters...
  • Shared by: kinkylovers
    I love playing with rope and teasing my wife. In this video, I tied a chest harness and teased her until she was a puddle.
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  • Shared by: NikkiHearts
    My wife and I decided to make a video in our hotel room while staying in Vegas during the AVN Awards.
  • Shared by: lilycade
    It's Thelma's birthday and she wants to see how many orgasms she can have. We're going for 28, but we totally lose count! Of course, it's not a birthday without a birthday spanking, and we do make sure she gets the right amount of whacks.
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  • Shared by: hannable
    Our second installment to our introduction to BDSM. The most action packed of the three videos, this includes wax play, bondage, and more. To learn more about this 3 part series click here and here.
  • Shared by: winnerwinner
    A couple of hedonistic kinksters. We loosely negotiated what the scenario would be, and after two months of kinky sex together, we know the basic limits and turn ons. We had fun doing improv, acting out the consensual scene. We are passionate and deeply in love, she has an orgasm about every other minute in the video, she cums while getting spanked, sucking cock, giving a rimjob... Lot of dirty talk by Dude Fawkes, because Devil Grrrl loves it, makes her cum so hard.
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  • Shared by: borninheat
    A late night with ropes, whips, and kisses... on this night we decided to film one of our more bdsm-minded play sessions. After looking at it, it made us horny enough to share. The color keying we did and the nice black and white filter makes this a classy view into our bedroom. We sure did have fun making this video! It was slightly awkward to edit but we hope you all like this first vid we dared to share.
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  • Shared by: Vanessa26
    In this video I enjoy a bit of self spanking and then I masturbate using my hand. My partner hasn't been around for a while and I was craving a good spanking! So I decided to do it myself and see if I liked it... Well, it went amazingly! I really enjoyed it and I was so turned on that I came really quickly! I hope you'll enjoy it too!
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