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  • Shared by: lilycade
    I love Aaliyah Love. We have amazing chemistry and she's just the cutest girl ever. In this video we joke around about how #realworldsex is different from porn, and keep our conversation going as we fuck. Sex isn't always serious business, and this video is smiles and laughter and just plain hot.
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  • Shared by: Asphyxia<3Danny
    It's been way too long since we submitted a video. Since we just moved in together, we decided it was a good time to showcase the evolution and hopefully instigate some fun as a result of our own. Please enjoy our silliness and excuse the messy room!
  • Shared by: LeonaDeLioness
    Ares and I celebrated our one year anniversary by taking our time to play together! I got a little dressed up for the occasion, and Ares pulled out a couple of toys to spice up our playtime. Best anniversary ever!
  • Shared by: DirtyPair
    Part 2 of our kitchen romp. After getting all worked up kissing, licking, sucking, and squirting, we go at it and do a little POV from Vivi's perspective. Check out Part 1 here if you haven't already!
  • Shared by: hannable
    We have wanted to paint with ourselves as part of the media for quite sometime. We chose the night before Mr Hannable left for the weekend (long distance for the shortest amount of time ever, for us), to make it happen! Super silly, super smurf-y, and super sexy!
  • Shared by: Sky+Moose
    Hello again MLNP! We are excited to share our second video. Once again, we were dressed up for a costume party. This time, it was a masquerade ball (how fitting!). If we are being completely honest, the end of the night (when we could get back home to film) was the part we looked forward to the most! We caught a couple silly LOL moments this time around and hope they give you a good giggle. This video features Moose going down on Sky for the majority of the filming with a make-out session to start and quickie sex at the end. :) (p.s. the auto-focus on the camera goes a bit wonky halfway through...please forgive us, we'll make sure that doesn't happen next time!)
  • Shared by: Parrot99
    It's always fun to go back to our childhood. Today, we played on the swing...but in a more grownup way.
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  • Shared by: winnerwinner
    A couple of hedonistic kinksters. We loosely negotiated what the scenario would be, and after two months of kinky sex together, we know the basic limits and turn ons. We had fun doing improv, acting out the consensual scene. We are passionate and deeply in love, she has an orgasm about every other minute in the video, she cums while getting spanked, sucking cock, giving a rimjob... Lot of dirty talk by Dude Fawkes, because Devil Grrrl loves it, makes her cum so hard.
  • Shared by: Tabby + Monkey
    Humorous, intimate and marvelously hot. Monkey and I have a mid-afternoon romp in the bedroom. Beginning with me showing off a 'sexy Christmas outfit' and ending with broad smiles from both of us.
  • Shared by: Doris_Dawn
    The subtle story in 'Sperm on Strawberries' tells us that the month of May is not only about #masturbation but also about #strawberries. And what a delightful way would that be to have the two of them together, in May. Watching hubby masturbate in front of me, helping him a bit, I've got my bowl of strawberries ready for sperming. Time to enjoy my fresh and smooth strawberries. And share one with him too. Because he contributed.
  • Shared by: TheWolffes
    In Philadelphia, We stayed at Janira's favorite hotel with Her favorite bathtub, where there are not just the normal jets, but jets IN THE SEAT! (exciting for obvious reasons :-P). Before meeting up with a friend for dinner, We went out to buy some tea candles, bubble bath, and bath salt, so We could have a nice romantic bath upon return. After carefully placing the candles around the entire edge of the tub, We got in and added the salt and bubble bath... A LOT of bubble bath, which caused things got ridiculously hilarious before getting ridiculously hot (in all the ways!) The experience itself was wonderful, as always... but afterwards, when We curled up in bed to watch Ourselves, even We were in complete awe of a love too beautiful for words.
  • Shared by: colingray
    VIRTUAL FANTASY CLOSET WITH COLIN/GRAY- what's your fantasy? gray loves getting dressed up before being undressed, but what outfit to wear? music:"let you go" from RapPad Creative Commons
  • Shared by: angeno23
    Sexiest card game, with our personalized rules, (or no rules) turn our game night into the most Erotic, and hilarious playful scene we've filmed in a while!! So much fun to watch, almost as enjoyable as making it! This scene is guaranteed to turn you ON! And all the audio commentary is Priceless!! Super Fun! Super Hot!
  • Shared by: wanderandlust
    Part two - more angles and a happy ending for all <3 For #makeblowjoblove we decided to get crafty with our camera angles (camera taped to the ceiling lol) to share a sex position we highly recommend! we kind of happened upon it but is surely somewhere in the Kama Sutra or other similar ancient sexual literature. With her head resting on my inner thigh, K is able to keep her neck relaxed and receive exactly as deep as works for her. The amount of body contact really lets us communicate in subtle ways within the nested layers of rhythmic movement. There’s a certain vulnerability and trust here that we found profound and delightful. And if you salivate the way K does with my cock in her mouth, a little bandana is heartily recommended 😉 enjoy~
  • Shared by: Modesty Ablaze
    When Lover No.14 joked that I should arrive at his plush hotel dressed in “as little as possible” I took that as I challenge that I couldn’t possibly refuse. The hotel was in central London, a 30 minute Taxi journey from home. I don’t know who was more excited, Hubby or I, as we sat in the Black Cab, knowing I was completely naked beneath my coat as we travelled through the West End traffic. As I’m sure you can imagine, there was lots more excitement to follow after we joined No.14 in his room with champagne on ice for the evening ahead. And you will see why I’ve called this video “Modest Exposure” as the movie unfolds.