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  • Shared by: wanderandlust
    This is what happens when two lovebirds haven't seen each other in a few weeks due to travel, and upon landing on the same comfy spot of afternoon sun, booty is affectionately jiggled, recently arrived wedding rings are fawned over mutually for the first time, and much oral pleasure is unabashedly exchanged, all while one half of the duo has zero clue that all this being recorded :) enjoy!
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  • Shared by: LucidLovers
    We met 4 weeks ago while dancing Our Asses off front row VIP at a Northern California Techno Music Festival... We haven't been apart since. Before We met, Janira had planned a 2.5 week trip to the East Coast to begin 3 weeks later. The first stop on the journey was the Ace Hotel in NYC which Janira had discovered nearly 2 years ago during a trip out to view the MLNP documentary. She has been a frequent guest ever since. Since We couldn’t imagine being apart for so long… it only made sense for Him to join Her. We recorded this video during the second night of Our stay shortly after He recorded a POV FemDom Coerced-Bi HandJob video for Janira and a local Friend for Their fetish sites. Physically and emotionally drained from… all of it… We were about to go grab a bite at a Vegan Korean BBQ around the corner when We got distracted by One Another’s… everything… and, since Janira’s makeup was already done (beautifully, We might add) and since the lights were already setup… We pushed record… and this happened. MakeFunChoices "He" does not have a name yet because, until He met Janira, Vanilla was His favorite flavor of ice cream. Janira opened the door to the infinite flavors of sexual enlightenment... and the right name simply hasn't yet found Us. Stay tuned...
  • Shared by: VonBettie
    Valentine and her lovely sweetie Ember have a special plan in mind to celebrate Valentine's Day! A frolic in the bed includes fucking on rose petals, hidden lingerie, a mouth gag, strap-on sex and all the giggles these two could muster.
  • Shared by: honeyandbear
    She'd been away for a whole day, so I got naked and awaited her in our bed. It was kinda funny cos she didn't know that I was filming, or how horny I was, so she took a while to join me. I loved letting her know with my tongue how much I'd missed her, which eventually lead to a delightful mutual orgasm at the end. Yum.
  • Shared by: Tabby + Monkey
    Spirits were high and giggles plentiful as we began filming this video. I realize that our bathroom window sill is adorned with some unusual ornaments — have a look, you'll see what I'm talking about. Monkey draws us a nice hot bubble bath. As I lay between his legs he begins to caress me and all the troubles of the day melt away. Just a note about the slightly awkward intro video. We took a new approach to it this time which was 'lets sit down and just chat to each other, at some point the topic of our bathtime video will come up' and it did...... eventually :)
  • Shared by: rawoutdoors
    Our last night together after an amazing visit. We wanted to make it special so we gathered flowers and rose petals from the area and made a beautiful bed with them. We enjoyed sharing this loving moment, we hope you like it as well. Much love, Lux and KaraMia.
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  • Shared by: Olivia+LazFyre
    This video is so hot, and we're excited to share it with you. It's truly a celebration of getting lost in one another's bodies & in our love. Valentine's Day isn't a holiday we celebrate. We think it's a wonderful holiday for couples, but we try to celebrate one another everyday. We're together all day everyday, and so it seems unnecessary for us to have one specific day to celebrate our love. It was a really good motivation though for us to film our lovemaking. And make love we did! It was really intense this time. I (Olivia) was able to almost completely ignore the cameras & focus on just being with Laz & experiencing his body & our emotions. I came really really hard & he did too. It was such an authentic experience for us, and we were in bliss in each of our favorite positions. We hope you'll enjoy this peek into our romantic, physical love.
  • Shared by: El_and_BSal
    After reading some tips from Madam Curator, we put the camera on a tripod, forgot it was there and just made love like we normally would. A couple of interesting things happened during this shoot. Even though I only had two glasses of wine, it made me tipsy and so a little goofy. Also, my sister and her boyfriend where watching TV in the other room so Sal and I were trying to be quiet. It had been almost 5 days since we last had sex and we couldn't wait any longer.
  • Shared by: Khali Dea
    One warm morning on Egypts beach in Sinai I woke up with sunlight on my skin, hungry for (probably forbidden) self exploration. I spoiled myself with coconut oil all over my body, moving sensually with the sound of waves and a joyful love for myself and my own pleasure. As I take myself on this sexy journey the sacred water of amrita runs down my legs and I bath myself in kisses and touch. Just finished assisting a juicy tantra retreat here I'm vibrating on eros and am happy to transmit some intimate self love to you.
  • Shared by: Modesty Ablaze
    Valentine’s is all about giving lots of loving & kisses isn’t it? Well “Valentine’s Kisses” certainly has lots of loving & kisses - ALL OVER! It is from just a few nights ago, an absolutely fabulous evening with Lover No. 50. No.50 is the most passionate kisser I have ever met, whichever of my lips he’s kissing me on, I just love feeling his lips sliding all over mine! This really is #realworldsex exactly as it happened. No editing or stopping & starting, no re-doing things, no scripting. I’ve been told by those who've rented my videos that watching them is like being in the room with us and that is so lovely because I think of my videos as being like diaries of my fun and laughter.
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  • Shared by: AllenandtheJean
    What's nude and black, and red all over? Allen and the Jean on Valentine's Day! Pour yourself a glass of bubbly and join us in our red boudoir. Jean teases Allen with her mouth and tongue, then mounts and rides him. Multiple orgasms, moans, and champagne, make for a boisterous encounter exploding in ecstasy. Cupid found his mark with these insatiable lovers.