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  • Shared by: bruddazhang0
    Hi, this is my first video ever. I decided to follow my feelings this morning and take a moment to create some self-love instead of getting swept up by the busy day. I haven't always appreciated my sexuality and my body so this is one of the first big steps that I get to take to celebrate how wonderful both are and the freedom I have in doing so. Hope you enjoy.
  • Shared by: Richard Coyote
    I fly through animated outer space while touching and toying myself. It's fun having a blue screen in my bedroom and a pink poly cape on my back! I am looking at erotic photos out of shot sent to me by loved ones <3
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  • Shared by: evan.forbid
    This is my first MLNP video! I've never filmed like this before — only ever quick snippets if sending to a guy for fun ;) I've thought about doing something like this for a while, but only finally worked up the courage to just do it. I consider myself a very sexual person. As a gay man, I'm often easily aroused, and masturbate fairly frequently. This is a solo video, showing a pretty typical jack off session, when I have time to really sit down and enjoy it. I like to lather up with a heavy amount of coconut oil (this is a pretty recent discovery — I actually preferred not to use lube until I tried this). Ass-play is also a must — although I tend to top when with a partner, there's no denying the immense pleasure from the prostate! Although I don't have human roommates...I do have two doggos who just can't seem to take a hint haha...don't mind me telling them to go away! Talk about boner-killer... I do some video work in my profession, so I got a little geeky with the video, having multiple angles...figured it would give the most bang for your buck ;) hope you enjoy!
  • We celebrate love, tenderness, feelings

    "“You guys showed me love as it can really be in the real world”"

  • Shared by: l.m.n.o.p.
    I do not cum in this video! But I do have a few orgasms and that is the most exciting part. I had some time alone to myself in the house before I would be leaving so I went with my impulse, pulled out the laptop cam, and started showering. I am chatty too. I discovered in my first video that talking about my masturbation felt satisfying, so hopefully the orgasm aficionados out there enjoy the discussion of orgasm potential.
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  • Shared by: hand2rod
    A friend and I so enjoy picking up the many canyons around the Coachella Valley area. We get naked, we play, we show off for each other, and often film our sex-capades in the great outdoors. Here's a compilation of two different hikes of me giving back to nature!
  • Improving sexual self-esteem

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  • Shared by: lovesurfsing
    I've been enjoying slowing down my self-loving sometimes. This video was one of those times. Just after a shower, rubbing coconut oil all over myself, enjoying the sensual feeling of my nipples on a hot day in South Africa. Spoiler alert: there is no ejaculation in this video, although if you watch you'll see that I have several orgasmic moments. I've been practicing the art of multiple orgasms, stopping just before the point of cumming, and letting the orgasmic sensations wash through me again and again. This was a wonderfully sensual and deep session for me, and I hope you enjoy the journey too...
  • Inspiring a healthy discussion about porn

    "“We talked, and had the best sex we’ve had since we were newlyweds”"

  • Shared by: Cosmonaut
    Anthropography - the description and recording of human behaviour and other aspects of human existence.
  • Helping erectile dysfunction post prostate cancer

    "“Watching #realworldsex on MLNP helped us enjoy sex more than ever before”"

  • Shared by: DannyWylde
    This is my jerkoff video, personally made for someone on the other end of an online connection. It is also the last jerkoff video I will be submitting here, or elsewhere. I want to mention -- to garner your attention -- that there is butt stuff.
  • We helped Matt recover from sexual assault

    "“We need to be exposed much more frequently to real, consensual sex”"

  • Shared by: wanderandlust
    Rather than just do a straight self-love session for this month's theme, we evolved it into a pair of companion pieces featuring enchanted masturbation. Enhanceturbation? Eh. Terrible portmanteau but still we dug the idea. Just being fully in the receptivity of a massage/caress session from a clothed partner, then within that space of bliss & vulnerability, completing your own ascent to the peak experience. We can't recommend this enough, it was beautiful to be on both sides of the paradigm. Enjoy :)
  • We helped revive her libido post breast cancer

    "“I hardly find people to have fun with these days, but it’s OK since I discovered you”"

  • Shared by: Hands Solo
    This is my first video posting for MLNP and basically shows what I love to do when not in a relationship which is to masturbate. I am pretty highly sexed and getting naked and jumping into the shower under the warm running water often starts to get me horny and I end up playing with myself. So it seemed to be the ideal situation to post my first video on here. It shows me of course stroking my cock but also then using the spray from the shower head to enhance things before the final climax. Good job the shower screen was in between me and the camera lens!
  • We’re appreciated in a religious context

    "“I was blown away by this site, this is purely from the heart”"

  • Shared by: SexKilledTheCat
    This is me from about a year ago pleasuring myself for the first time in front of a camera. I used the simple camera on my laptop as you will be able to tell lol. I made an online sex friend and she wanted to see how I pleasured myself when I was thinking of her. I also thought to make it a little more of a tease in the beginning but by the end I was feeling great and the outcome was great. Always a favorite video of mine.
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  • Shared by: RSpeare
    Being an exhibitionist informed my choice of sex toy when I was looking for a fleshlight. I opted for a clear one with on open end so my cock could be seen as much as possible while using it. Although I never made it a rule I have not used this toy unless someone is watching. SO please have a look so I don't break my streak ;)
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  • Shared by: Passion-Rex
    I was inspired by some in the bath videos I've seen on here to make one of my own. it has become one of my favorite places to play with myself. I move around the bathroom a bit (hard for me to sit still sometimes) :p and I enjoy some nice energy orgasms. :D Have fun watching!
  • We helped a sailor all at sea with porn

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  • Shared by: xxxotter
    This is a video of me bringing myself to orgasm by rubbing my nipples. I am able to cum without any form of genital manual stimulation. This kind of full-body orgasm is generally more intense than what I would feel if I was just jerking off.
  • We re-ignited this married couple’s sex life

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  • Shared by: KimberlyKane
    With how hectic Kimberly Kane and I's schedule has been, she made the suggestion of shooting some solo things, when either of us have free time. Filming myself solo was something that I was really nervous about doing, but I decided that the little bit of an idea I had, I would try out. Hope you enjoy!
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