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  • Shared by: richedge
    We had been wanting to have sex in the garden for a long time. Finally we got a chance when the kids were out the house and it was warm enough to play outside. We were keen to reconnect with each other -- it had been a tough few days.
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  • Shared by: honeyandbear
    The passion of a goodbye lovemaking session. This was our final day together at the end of a two month trip through California and Mexico. We frolicked in the pool, drinking home-made margaritas, and soon moved to the couch for some sweet, hot sexy time. Enjoy...we know we did!
  • Shared by: hand2rod
    A friend and I so enjoy picking up the many canyons around the Coachella Valley area. We get naked, we play, we show off for each other, and often film our sex-capades in the great outdoors. Here's a compilation of two different hikes of me giving back to nature!
  • Shared by: Corkle
    Outdoor sex smells exhilarating! This show starts off with some voluptuous yoga play. It ends with a peaceful windy morning, and if you wait patiently you might have to catch your breath as you watch very closely for captured yummy vibrating orgasms. I hope this video makes you crave yourself to grounded down and to get high trying to find what feels very good <3
  • Shared by: wanderandlust
    This might be our favourite vid yet :) a launch ramp for an old bmx track down in the valley served as a perfect floating bliss bed for us to mingle our pheromones with the scents of sap and sunlight. Kei found a nice angle tucked in behind the trees and it lends a nice voyeuristic quality to things. Enjoy ~
  • Shared by: Leafless-Trunk
    This is a Sonata played on a mysterious clearing in the forest. The wind is whistling Beethoven..."quasi una fantasia"...while I am sharing my tree trunk with the busy ants, playing my own music. Come join me at dawn of one of the last days of summer and listen to the intimate tunes my hands create, slightly stroking the surface of my instrument. Listen to my silent moans released into the air, where they join the wind, intimately dancing with each other... But, what’s this! Suddenly, a stranger appears! ... The Sonata has to change its tune ... will this intermission turn the music into a darker minor key? Well, that is on you to find out...
  • Shared by: ALEX-ANNA
    Alex and I love to go for walks in the woods on a local nature trail. On this particularly warm summer day we decided that we were going to find a clearing and just enjoy our surroundings. We found ourselves off the beaten path, but still potentially within view of the other hikers and joggers who were out that day. It was kind of risky, sexy and thrilling. Alex and I ended up enjoying each other more than the surroundings that day. We talked about it on the way home, and the next time we feel like going out to "enjoy" nature we will be sure to take bug spray!!
  • Shared by: AprilShowers
    It was a nice spring day out, I had to go water the greenhouse, but feeling a little frisky, so I decided to do it wearing a short skirt and no panties, have the camera at the door, and told my honey to meet me down there in about 10 minutes. He was pleasantly surprised, and we ended up getting some hot loving in the sunshine.
  • Shared by: El_and_BSal
    We love adventure! Putting our videos on MLNP has been highly stimulating to our adventurous side. More couples should do this! Asking around, I found that most adults fear being recognized. So Sal and I came up with a few ideas on how to keep from being recognized + still make a video. The first was being outdoors in the desert at night next to a campfire, hidden in shadows. The idea seemed romantic but it was a little uncomfortable. The ground was covered in small sharp rocks, our blanket was thin, soot was flying in our faces, it started to get cold, so it was a bitter sweet shoot. We still had fun as we always do. Hopefully it will inspire some hesitant couples. You too can be a MLNPstar. Let’s see your campfire love-making!!
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  • Shared by: saulofhearts
    Outdoor yoga on a sunny day - how could I not make time for jerking off too? I start out with a few yoga poses, but it quickly turns into a hot masturbation session right in the middle of nature.
  • Shared by: Efí & Walter
    The noises that come from the jungle and the waves crashing woke up something very reptilian in us that morning. We got to the yoga platform and took advantage of the auditive cover enhanced by the "privacy" provided by the dense folliage to make love while the sun was rising.