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  • Shared by: JanirasLovers
    I made a quick little trip out to the east coast, and wanted to spend as much quality time with my Wolfie as possible, so I got us a hotel room for a couple days. Thankfully I set up my camera and lights before he got there, so we got one video out of it before we were too wrapped up in each other to record more the rest of the time. Watch our beautiful reunion after being apart for 8 months.
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  • Shared by: borninheat
    On a summer business trip to the east coast we found ourselves up very late and very drunkish in our Vegas hotel room. Starting with some teasing looks and oral fun, our play evolved into something a bit louder and ended with an accidentally well-angled blind shot of life fluids drizzling down our parts. Vegas moments to be remembered.
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  • Shared by: Girly Juice
    While staying in a beautiful hotel in Montreal, we shot this super romantic POV blowjob video. The sun was beginning to set and we were relaxed and happy; I feel good again just watching this!
  • Shared by: LeonaDeLioness
    Before heading out for breakfast on Valentine's Day, Ares and I decided to take advantage of our time in our hotel room to have some fun! It might've ended with a little bit of pain, but I had a lot of fun giving him a #blowjob while he wore his new toy (a vibrating cock ring)!
  • Shared by: geminilovers
    Hey y’all, this is a fun video we made earlier this year & I kinda forgot about it. I’m happy we can share it with y’all, just another sexy time of ours from when we were on vacation & decided to take advantage of our hotel room. Fun with multiple positions & silly moments cleaning up. This is ya, real, married life, normal sex & we just hope you enjoy it as much as we did.
  • Shared by: hannable
    WE'RE BACK! We had a baby, got married, moved to a different state, and bought a house- so we've been busy in a different sense of the word! This our introduction into date night after having a baby (over two years ago) and getting back into the swing of things. Mrs. Hannable's sex drive has been low since pregnancy, but we are working back to being our old selves. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it- even without the finish! More to come.
  • Shared by: SexyImagination
    I shot this on a road trip last summer with my lover Hannah. She put up with a couple days of camping for me so on our last night we spent the night in a really nice hotel. With a little pampering she was feeling adventurous so we shot this video of her having some beautiful metime.
  • Shared by: Parrot99
    On a recent weekend getaway to a rustic inn situated in Northern California’s wine country, we had a magnificent dinner, then retired to our big feather bed. We set up the camera, then promptly forgot it was there. Ms Quote tends to get carried away (one of her many endearing qualities). What a blessing it is to be with such a responsive woman—although the people in the adjoining rooms may have thought there was some mischief going on!
  • Shared by: Rion Rhodes
    My gf Valentine surprised me with an exciting new toy opportunity! She contacted the company InJoyUs and said all we have to do is record a video of it in use and promote their product. So we took a little romantic beach vacation and planned to try it out. We go over the ins and outs of the toy (harnessless strapon), its use, and a sexy debrief of pros and cons post sex.
  • Shared by: Vanessa26
    I had a difficult exam this week at university so I wanted to relax a bit. My university is in another city (not the one I live in) so I was in a hotel room and had all the privacy I normally don't have home. At the beginning of the video I giggle a lot because I'm not used to speak to a camera.. Hope you don't mind :) I enjoyed it a lot and had a great orgasm at the end
  • Shared by: Luc & Lucie
    My girlfriend and I have been together ten years. To celebrate it, we are making sensual & passionate love one mid-autumn afternoon in our hotel in Paris. Watch as she has three orgasms in a row.
  • Shared by: cia13
    My wife and I decided to spend time in the hotel
  • Shared by: CSITB
    We were in Pasadena, CA for the U2 concert at the Rose Bowl. We made a long weekend out of it without the kids. We thoroughly enjoyed our weekend and each other. We stayed at a wonderful hotel and we probably kept our neighbors up.
  • Shared by: colingray
    NEW YORK SEXCERPTS WITH COLIN/GRAY- Colin and Gray were invited to spend some time at Mermaid Ranch with a few friends from the MLNP team for interviews, conversations and sexy times. C/G decided to film short sexy scenes throughout their stay in New York in the hott summer.