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  • Shared by: KimberlyKane
    Drew and I were on a vacation in Miami a few weeks ago and we were staying at a pretty swank hotel. We took the opportunity to shoot something special in this fancy joint for ya'll. It was really goooood or at lease it was for us. Enjoy
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  • Shared by: SexyImagination
    I shot this on a road trip last summer with my lover Hannah. She put up with a couple days of camping for me so on our last night we spent the night in a really nice hotel. With a little pampering she was feeling adventurous so we shot this video of her having some beautiful metime.
  • Shared by: honeyandbear
    A sensual winter-time exploration, fuelled by flames and hot cocktails. We were holed up in the farm cottage, no one else around. We fondled, kissed, laughed and loved one another to mutual satisfaction. I believe this is the first video where I (the male half of this relationship), cum on camera in our lovemaking! I often retain my seed when making love, for the health and energising benefits. So please, enjoy this cumming together of two lovers ;)
  • Shared by: Lust Influx
    After a long evening and night spent at a friend's party. Jaxx and Alyssa ended up in the guest room upstairs with a spectacular view of the pacific ocean. After their sexy steamy shower, they grabbed their camera to continue the rest of their sensual sexual fantasies. Watch as they quietly have sex, trying not to wake up or draw attention to anyone in Tranquility.
  • Shared by: Parrot99
    Parrot is a very sound, peaceful sleeper. This morning, Ms Quote woke up before he did, and decided to wake him up in the best possible way.
  • Shared by: colingray
    COLIN/GRAY GET CAUGHT IN A BLIZZARD- snow angles, snowballs and cocoa.. and frostbite UNLESS... they can use each others body heat to stay warm. Will they succeed in making hot, steamy, snow-melting sex? You'll just have to watch! music: Famous Classics' "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies" Public Domain
  • Shared by: AllenandtheJean
    Sometimes you just have to take a day off, take the clothes off, and then GET off - a LOT! Allen gives Jean plenty of orgasms, using multiple positions, rhythms, and sexy tricks. No work but all play is the plan of the day. Allen starts Jean off with some expert finger play. After Jean is warmed up, the heat really starts rising. Join us in our bedroom for the perfect day off. Watch as we break in our new bed, and spend a naked day off.
  • Shared by: wanderandlust
    Maui. Little Beach. Sunset. Hightide. Whales. Aloha.
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  • Shared by: coco212
    What does one do on a adult snow day? Drink Irish Coffee and masturbate! This video shows me and my favorite toy in one of many orgasms I was blessed of having on my Mother Nature caused day off. Enjoy!
  • Shared by: sexnormal
    You can see a lot of naked bodies in pornography. In contrast, my self-love video doesn't show that because I often don't undress at all since there isn't necessarily a need to, and especially when it's still Winter! This is how I do it...
  • Shared by: SKINpictures
    My girlfriend and I met in Asia and have been traveling heaps. We thought it will be fun to film us making love across the world xxx Hope you all like it and we plan to film more videos soon, cheers for your love and support :) Love heaps GS
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