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  • Shared by: VonBettie
    I've been flirting with Barbary Rose and Jack Hammer via Twitter for quite some time now. I even briefly encountered Jack at a New Years Party at the Armory a couple of years ago but didn't actually say hi. Just made eyes across a room. It wasn't until I made a trip to the bay, that the plan came to fruition. I was the hot house sitter that Barbary would make a real world sex video with when they returned. And thankfully Jack was just as excited to film us as we were to fuck. With lots of topping, switching, teasing and giggles, we have an incredible time playing and were left in a huge puddle of sweat, giggles and afterglow. Enjoy!
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  • Shared by: ThisIsOurHandle
    Hi there MLNP! ThisIsOurHandle is back with another fantastic video. I (Dale) was visiting my good friend the cameraman in NYC and decided on the morning I was supposed to catch my bus back home to make a little video. So we did. Nothing like strong morning light and weak espresso to start your day. Also: fucking. I missed my bus. Per usual, we do not have audio for this video, so please open a separate browser window and click play on this video, then click play on our MLNP video. We hope you enjoy!
  • Shared by: lilycade
    Nikki Darling and I wanted to get acquainted before out scene in "Lesbian Lock-Up" and we decided to film it. We got to test out each other and a new toy. We hit it off so well that we ended up hooking up again, off camera, and getting no sleep before shooting the movie the next day!
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  • Shared by: DannyWylde
    This is my jerkoff video, personally made for someone on the other end of an online connection. It is also the last jerkoff video I will be submitting here, or elsewhere. I want to mention -- to garner your attention -- that there is butt stuff.
  • Shared by: Tasty Cookies
    We've been trying to address differences in our levels of desire. One strategy is using podcasts as a way to keep thoughts of sex on our minds. It was in one of these podcasts that we first learned about MLNP's existence! We'd already talked about how it may be fun to record ourselves "someday" but this moved our timeline up a bit. We recorded this video on our 2nd anniversary! We hope you enjoy our MLNP debut! You can listen to the podcast that inspired us, here: https://thelovedrive.com/make-love-not-porn/
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  • Shared by: RoseOne
    What I did before going to our usual bar with my girlfriend, an orgasm that enabled me to not create drama afterwards by not sleeping with somebody else's boyfriend. Singing and fapping for the win!
  • Shared by: lucathemuca
    I am so excited to share with you all my debut mnlp video! After a long summer's day of doing landscaping and heavy lifting this little lady (me) got all sorts of excited with my sore and toned body and decided to put my personal fun on tape. I've been feeling a lot sexier lately so this is a celebration of that! With family members all around me, I had to make this one super quiet but hopefully there's some more Fiora noise coming at you soon. I particularly enjoyed putting my camera cleverly in a light socket for a heavenly view of what I was up to... ;) I think this video turned out great and I even find it to be quite pleasurable so I hope you do too! Backstory: I've been watching mlnp for awhile now and I finally decided it was the right time for me to participate actively in this lifesaving community by sharing this metime with you all. Hallelujah!
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  • Shared by: Rion Rhodes
    My gf Valentine surprised me with an exciting new toy opportunity! She contacted the company InJoyUs and said all we have to do is record a video of it in use and promote their product. So we took a little romantic beach vacation and planned to try it out. We go over the ins and outs of the toy (harnessless strapon), its use, and a sexy debrief of pros and cons post sex.
  • Shared by: Girly Juice
    In my first-ever attempt at a video for MLNP, I tried to look/be/feel sexy and smooth, but ended up squirting accidentally and then knocking over my computer. Hey, sometimes orgasms make our bodies uncooperative! I also used two of my all-time favorite toys, the classic Magic Wand Rechargeable and the beautiful blue handmade Fucking Sculptures Double Trouble.
  • Shared by: AllenandtheJean
    It was instant chemistry when Jean met Crystal. They just couldn’t keep their lips off each other during their first encounter at a fancy ball. They exchanged numbers to keep in touch. After 8 months of flirty texts and naughty photo exchanges, the two redheads finally met for an afternoon of fun. Watch their playful romp in black lace lingerie, on an elegant 4 poster bed. Jean has a little surprise for her sexy lover, and even rocks a little move she learned from a previous girlfriend last year.