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  • Shared by: Efí & Walter
    Having a whole mountain side (almost) exclusively for us allowed us to make love over the garden furniture, enjoying an amazing view of the sunrise. Both of us were pretty turned on by the fact that we were able to be naked and make love each other without worrying for anything else. It was a perfect retreat to the mountains.
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  • Shared by: borninheat
    On a regular hot Monday morning we decided to record a video. We just turned the camera on and enjoyed each other. This is a very intimate video and shows us making love during her period. We are of the opinion that even then it is fine to love each other's bodies. So for those who faint at the sight of blood.. just skip to our next video. We have plenty of others :)
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  • Shared by: itaka
    A relationship is like waves in a vast ocean, sometimes quiet, sometimes intense, but always beautiful. We have been a while without using our video cameras and now, little by little, we are encouraged to play with you again, spectators, couples and lovers of pleasure. This time we bring you an example of those occasions where you get horny, suddenly and for no reason. So here we are, a quickie one. A corridor, a chair, mirrors ... what else? I just took the phone and start recording... Enjoy as we did. See you soon.
  • Shared by: angeno23
    Black & white video we decided to film at the last moment, still super hot! Our camera freezes up for just a second in the beginning - but don't worry, all action from there! Wearing a black leather corset really turned him on! The kids were home, so we had to be a little quiet, but we just couldn't resist each other any longer!!
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  • Shared by: honeyandbear
    We were excited to submit a sexy video for the blowjob edition...and, as so often happens, things didn't turn out as we expected and we missed the date...all we can say is that it was oh so worth the wait. First of all, our blowjob turned into all kinds of lovemaking, with lots of super hot positions and orgasmic pleasure. Then, as we came full circle and returned to the blowjob which started it all, the video cut out a few seconds before N's explosive orgasm. Thankfully, the audio was still running and so you still get to enjoy the passion (we find audio so hot anyway), so it turned out great...though we were very sad when we first realised the video had turned off! As always, thanks for watching, it brings us joy to know that we can share our love with you wonderful MLNPlovers! Love C & N
  • Shared by: hannable
    WE'RE BACK! We had a baby, got married, moved to a different state, and bought a house- so we've been busy in a different sense of the word! This our introduction into date night after having a baby (over two years ago) and getting back into the swing of things. Mrs. Hannable's sex drive has been low since pregnancy, but we are working back to being our old selves. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it- even without the finish! More to come.
  • Shared by: Olivia+LazFyre
    We've been married for over 10 years, and our lovemaking gets better all the time. We've been producing porn since 2015 — it's a fun time, and we really enjoy the scenes we make. But sometimes we wish the scenes could look more like "real life sex" rather than being major productions with dialogue & positions that we never actually do in the privacy of our bedroom. This video is something no one has ever seen before: my husband & I making love the way we want to make love, without consideration of the viewer. I think it turned out beautifully, and really shows how playful we are with one another and how in love we really are. I'm so happy we chose to do this, I hope you'll enjoy!
  • Shared by: Modesty Ablaze
    This video is with one of my most recent lovers, No.36. We’ve met several times & each evening has been more exciting & different from the last. And that’s what I enjoy about seeing different lovers! They are all exciting, all fun, all lovely to be with in different ways. There is never one that is more special to me than another! I love them all for their different personalities & the different things we do together. I love sharing new experiences with them & hopefully you’ll enjoy these different experiences too. Do let me know if you’d like to see more!!!
  • Shared by: geminilovers
    Hey y’all! This is our first time sharing a video but definitely not our first time making one, we have been married & together for nearly 10 years now & enjoy filming ourselves & watching them later to get in the mood. This video was very spontaneous because it was just a few minutes before my husband had to go to work & we just couldn’t keep off each other after drinking our morning coffee we had the energy for getting in tangled real quick. I love facing him & riding him but honestly I have psoriatic arthritis & can’t do it very long without my poor knees hurting thankfully he is my strong man & has the energy to take over. We already have 2 little ones so it might end a bit messy but it’s fun & he is so sweet cleaning me up. I love making love to my husband and him to me so much I just really hope you enjoy this as much as we did! A little giggle at the end, we were laughing at the word jizz haha 😂 more to come hopefully 💕
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  • Shared by: Lust Influx
    We finally got someone to film us for the first time. Great angles and shadows as well as allowing us to connect on a more intimate level and not worry about the camera. We were able to connect on a higher level allowing for a more intimate situation.
  • Shared by: Hierophant
    This is a documentary we (Lizzie and Dylan) made with the help of our friend Hannah, who came over on New Year's Eve to film us. When we were finished, Hannah's husband showed up and we all went dancing.
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  • Shared by: Scody
    This is not our first vid but we thought it best to introduce ourselves to you slowly :) What you see is just a peek of what we share together daily. We are ScodyXXX. We love one another body & soul. The connection is magnetic, like the earth to the sun. We've found our other halves. Enjoy xxx
  • Shared by: Sky+Moose
    Hello lovies! This is technically an older video...but it's a fun one. This video was filmed while we were on vacation visiting the ocean a couple summers ago. We are fun, silly and giggly in this one...we are "us." Vacations always seem to bring out the best in our relationship...especially trips to the ocean! Quick side note...don't be disappointed, but we only undress to our undies in this one - it was one of those times were we were too lazy (and it was kind of a chilly, foggy morning!) to get totally undressed. This clip is a cute one though, hope you enjoy! :)
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  • Shared by: devotional
    Just a wonderful Saturday Morning with my lovely Man. :) It was the second time. Sometimes the cuddling in the end leads to a foreplay again.. and i love that so much! Because then everybody has already come and it is even more eased, relaxed and humoristic. No Cuts. Real Love. Pure. Honest.
  • Shared by: El_and_BSal
    So we have been a couple for about 7 months now and when we started having sex we kept thinking it’s so amazing we should make videos. But we are shy and get caught up in the pleasure... so lately our sex has become even more epic and passionate, so we decided to start with little clips. We were worried they wouldn’t look as hot as it feels. Glad we did it, we watch our videos and get super turned on.