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  • Shared by: SKINpictures
    Travelling so much lately has kept us extra busy, and nothing helps us unwind before bed more than a relaxing, passionate fuck ;) I begin to feel her body gently, which quickly leads to teasing her clit with my tongue. She gives some love back by sucking me and listening to my moans of pleasure. Before long, we can't take it anymore and I nail her from behind while wearing my cock ring for extra sensation. We hope you enjoy this erotic video as much as we did filming it ;)
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  • Shared by: LeonaDeLioness
    Before heading out for breakfast on Valentine's Day, Ares and I decided to take advantage of our time in our hotel room to have some fun! It might've ended with a little bit of pain, but I had a lot of fun giving him a #blowjob while he wore his new toy (a vibrating cock ring)!
  • Shared by: Seb+Juliana
    We don't get much time together as working parents, but when we do, we make the most of it. You join us on vacaion (holiday) in the Algarve, and the sexual desire between us is palpable as we get ready for our new video. Juliana wears a sexy outfit (as per), a mask, no panties and a cute heart shaped butt plug! We both want it hard, fast, and now! And boy do we get it :) If you get a fraction of the thrill watching our video that we got making it, then we'll all be gushing! S & J xx
  • Shared by: Fin
    Lily and I decided to get away one weekend and take a road trip up north to Vancouver, Canada. We woke up early and had ourselves a morning roll in the bright light. We enjoyed each other in a few different positions and finished with Lily's favorite thing, a nice dummy mess dripping down her pussy. We love getting away and can't wait until our next sexventure!
  • Shared by: Efí & Walter
    Hey, it's been a while. The night before this events, we partied hard to celebrate one of Walter's best friend's wedding, had a blast, and then we went back to our funny tubular hotel room to get as much sleep as we could. In the morning, hungover, naked and horny, we setup the cameras and began feeling each other. It turned into wild sex with only a glass door and a curtain separating us from the outside. A great comeback, we think. We look a bit spent in the intro, don't we?
  • Shared by: Modesty Ablaze
    Over the years we’ve always made a special point of taking regular hotel nights away. “Date-breaks” we call them. To get away from the normal, every-day routine, and normal every-day surroundings of home. Because every-day CAN become a habit and sometimes boring. Where-as an occasional Date-Break away, on fresh hotel sheets, usually makes for a relaxing and refreshing change - and some loving fun, playtime. So our latest real world sex video is from one of those recent Date Breaks away. And don’t you find there is something about those crisp, freshly starched, hotel sheets that just makes you feel relaxed - and horny ???
  • Shared by: Girly Juice
    While staying in a beautiful hotel in Montreal, we shot this super romantic POV blowjob video. The sun was beginning to set and we were relaxed and happy; I feel good again just watching this!
  • Shared by: LucidLovers
    Somewhere between leaving NYC and arriving in NJ for Exxxotica We got sick… too sick to make it to the convention, but not sick enough to keep Our hands and mouths off of each other… so Janira decided to take control over that part…
  • Shared by: Olivia+LazFyre
    Laz & I finally got to take a vacation. It was fabulous. We stayed in our hotel room most of the time since it was cold & rainy, but we didn't let that stop us from having a wonderful time. We cuddled, listened to the rain, watched the waves, ate good food, and we made love. It was just the break we needed away from our busy lives & we're grateful for the time we spent focusing on one another, reconnecting & restrengthening our bond.
  • Shared by: KimberlyKane
    Drew and I were on a vacation in Miami a few weeks ago and we were staying at a pretty swank hotel. We took the opportunity to shoot something special in this fancy joint for ya'll. It was really goooood or at lease it was for us. Enjoy
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  • Shared by: Luc & Lucie
    My girlfriend and I have been together ten years. To celebrate it, we are making sensual & passionate love one mid-autumn afternoon in our hotel in Paris. Watch as she has three orgasms in a row.
  • Shared by: SexyImagination
    I shot this on a road trip last summer with my lover Hannah. She put up with a couple days of camping for me so on our last night we spent the night in a really nice hotel. With a little pampering she was feeling adventurous so we shot this video of her having some beautiful metime.