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  • Shared by: CPL#4US
    Having a playful day outside. We like to be competitive with each other so beer and a game of corn hole turned into a wager. Winner got to pick the extracurricular activity inside. It was hot outside so some clothes came off while playing outside. It was a close game but Jon won in the end. He decided that he wanted to make a couch video. So after a quick shower to cool off and clean up he was waiting for me patiently for his prize...Little blow job, ridding, doggie style and just pounding me in the end till we both cum.
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  • Shared by: Desertdelight
    We have always wanted to make love in the cool evening. Our toddler fell asleep early, there was a cool breeze and no one was outside. We did have to keep from moaning too loudly since we only have 4ft fences in our yards and one of our neighbors like to have their windows open. We had a wonderful time making love in the sun and are glad we are able to share this with you. Thank you all for the support!
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  • Shared by: rickat
    The idea for “Morning Glory (Preludes)” started with the first ever sex scene we recorded last year when one night we decided to have some fun and dusted off the old digital Elf and even older tripod and set it up in the kitchen. The scene was very sexy, but the lighting sucked ass (and that’s Rick’s job!) so while we still watch it fondly it’s not up to par to be shared with anyone. So when we found ourselves sans kids one bright weekday morning we knew this had to be tried again. What resulted was a series of lovely frames capturing the foreplay and lovemaking session that eventually moves from the kitchen to the bed and we gladly take turns giving and receiving pleasure until the final dissolution…
  • Shared by: richedge
    Looking back, this is where it began. I had the courage to ask for what I wanted in bed, and my wife was happy to oblige. I had been exploring anal play on my own. Then my wife started using fingers and toys on me. I FinalIy bought the pegging beginner's kit and plucked up the courage to ask my wife to peg me. I've seen so many videos pretending to be "the first time" I thought it would be fun to actually record my first time. I had no idea how intense it was going to be. I think it re-defined how I thought of myself and definitely showed me how pleasurable sex can be. I was 40 years old. Don't wait until you're 40. Start earlier.
I was a bit preoccupied with the cameras. We were shooting using two SD cameras onto DV tape and a stills camera that was on a remote trigger. 
I was keen to try the "man-sized" dildo, but wisely followed my wife's advice to start with the "beginner." I figured she was the one with the experience with cocks. :-) She was pregnant with our second child at the time. I think this marked a high point in our relationship up to that point. And the openness that she showed to sexual exploration back then has given us the wonderful relationship we continue to have today. Now, ten years later, we are successfully polyamorous -- we both have other partners; I have had my nipple pierced; she's got a tattoo. I've topped a guy and have gone down on several real penises! So we've come a long way since we filmed this. Long may it continue.
  • Shared by: WeMegiddoStyle
    We were excited to make our first video but as most parents of an 11 mos old baby - it was a challenge in finding the right time. So - it just happened to work out last minute on Christmas Eve after we put our son down for the night - my husband set up the cameras and lights and voila! Being new to the MLNP scene - I wasn't sure what to wear exactly. Baby boy's room gets stuffy if we put the heat up too high so I just left what I had on to begin (sans my robe) and ended up freezing my tush off however, at one point I forgot about being cold ;-) My husband could care less about what to wear and was more concerned with technical aspects thank god - so in the end - we were pretty happy with how it turned out. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it!
  • Shared by: angeno23
    Black & white video we decided to film at the last moment, still super hot! Our camera freezes up for just a second in the beginning - but don't worry, all action from there! Wearing a black leather corset really turned him on! The kids were home, so we had to be a little quiet, but we just couldn't resist each other any longer!!
  • Shared by: AndreLynn
    An uninterrupted night is so rare for us. So when a couple friends helped us out by babysitting for the night, we took advantage of this rare time to just go on our back porch and enjoy each others bodies. It was a little chilly but we made it work. Always thankful for a good set of friends and uninterrupted time together.
  • Shared by: TIGERLILY
    After a wonderful Christmas with our children, Lily and I finally had some time on our own together, and we decided to make the most of it! So in our living room with the Christmas tree all lit up, we indulged in some naughty festive fun, and we really hope you enjoy watching :)
  • Shared by: Malimi
    Back in a Real Bed So we finally moved our furniture to our new house. You may have noticed the blow-up bed in several of our recent videos. We decided to celebrate with a nice afternoon of #realworldsex. Lady M wanted some attention at the backdoor and I'm always happy to help out. There is some super explicit footage in this film, lots of succulent sounds, and some mind-blowing orgasms! Enjoy, we sure did!!
  • Shared by: Doris_Dawn
    Before Bedtime, Doris and Don, Home Alone - from this angle, which is quite a close angle, you get to watch us doing what we seldom do: sex in the evening. Yes, we're early birds, in more than one way. And when occasion occurs, like all kids away in vacation, having the house all to ourselves leads to having sex in the evening. The rope? We never did it, until that night when we managed to run yet another porn parody on bondage. Had a good laugh to cap my dancing orgasms. Before bedtime.
  • Shared by: CSITB
    We were in Pasadena, CA for the U2 concert at the Rose Bowl. We made a long weekend out of it without the kids. We thoroughly enjoyed our weekend and each other. We stayed at a wonderful hotel and we probably kept our neighbors up.