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  • Shared by: LovejoyToronto
    We wanted to get creative for this special video since Valentine's Day is coming. We experimented with lighting and angles, plus we brought some extra decorations, chocolates & candy. There's plenty of variety in this passionate, playful video! We had a great time making it and we hope this inspires you to have fun with your Valentine's Day! (Of course, you can enjoy it for the rest of the year as well! :)
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  • Shared by: AllenandtheJean
    What's nude and black, and red all over? Allen and the Jean on Valentine's Day! Pour yourself a glass of bubbly and join us in our red boudoir. Jean teases Allen with her mouth and tongue, then mounts and rides him. Multiple orgasms, moans, and champagne, make for a boisterous encounter exploding in ecstasy. Cupid found his mark with these insatiable lovers.
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  • Shared by: VonBettie
    Valentine and her lovely sweetie Ember have a special plan in mind to celebrate Valentine's Day! A frolic in the bed includes fucking on rose petals, hidden lingerie, a mouth gag, strap-on sex and all the giggles these two could muster.
  • Shared by: AndreLynn
    Growing up in a Christian conservative household greatly impacted my view of masturbation and sex in general. There was no education about self-love because it fell in the category of “it is wrong, don’t do it”. And so I am just now as an adult, married woman, starting to understand the importance of taking this time for me- not only to understand what is enjoyable and brings me pleasure in sex, but to prioritize my time for this activity that is 100% about me. I am beginning to work through my past to help my present and my future and a big piece of that is saying yes to self-love on a regular basis. And this morning, I invited Andre to do a little filming...He gave me this toy for Valentine’s Day last year and I am just now starting to use it by myself. Last year’s V-Day gift vibe has never been used by itself. Now that’s changing.
  • Shared by: Doris_Dawn
    'Lookie, Lookie' is a timeless POV all selfie casual creation. Filmed exactly on Valentine's day 2019. More like a sample of great morning sex than a celebration because, honestly, you can have great sex every day, or every other day, so you don't necessarily need a celebration for that. But, as creatures of habit, we like to mark our territory, even in time, with celebrations. Such as Valentine's - wishing you a Happy Sexy Valentine's Day!
  • Shared by: LeonaDeLioness
    Before heading out for breakfast on Valentine's Day, Ares and I decided to take advantage of our time in our hotel room to have some fun! It might've ended with a little bit of pain, but I had a lot of fun giving him a #blowjob while he wore his new toy (a vibrating cock ring)!
  • Shared by: Modesty Ablaze
    Valentine’s is all about giving lots of loving & kisses isn’t it? Well “Valentine’s Kisses” certainly has lots of loving & kisses - ALL OVER! It is from just a few nights ago, an absolutely fabulous evening with Lover No. 50. No.50 is the most passionate kisser I have ever met, whichever of my lips he’s kissing me on, I just love feeling his lips sliding all over mine! This really is #realworldsex exactly as it happened. No editing or stopping & starting, no re-doing things, no scripting. I’ve been told by those who've rented my videos that watching them is like being in the room with us and that is so lovely because I think of my videos as being like diaries of my fun and laughter.
  • Shared by: RoseOne
    My first time on camera with this toy! I recorded a Stray Cats song and decided to put it on repeat during this floor session that lets you see more of my beloved flat. It took me almost an hour to come loudly with a lot of squirting in between. My little camera situates the action on Valentine's day when an ex girlfriend was supposed to come over.
  • Shared by: Olivia+LazFyre
    This video is so hot, and we're excited to share it with you. It's truly a celebration of getting lost in one another's bodies & in our love. Valentine's Day isn't a holiday we celebrate. We think it's a wonderful holiday for couples, but we try to celebrate one another everyday. We're together all day everyday, and so it seems unnecessary for us to have one specific day to celebrate our love. It was a really good motivation though for us to film our lovemaking. And make love we did! It was really intense this time. I (Olivia) was able to almost completely ignore the cameras & focus on just being with Laz & experiencing his body & our emotions. I came really really hard & he did too. It was such an authentic experience for us, and we were in bliss in each of our favorite positions. We hope you'll enjoy this peek into our romantic, physical love.
  • Shared by: angeno23
    Well, Happy Valentines Day to all at MLNP!!! Hope you enjoy this hot video that we filmed outside in our camper, showing off my sexy little Red Lace lingerie!
  • Shared by: Desertdelight
    We celebrated Valentine's Day by watching a real world sex video we made followed by great orgasmic sex. The video starts with us watching one of our own videos and talking about it. We then get down to having fun and set up the video cameras in spots that catch all the fun action. We had so much fun making this video and we want to thank you for all your support! Enjoy!
  • Shared by: Malimi
    Part 1 - 10:00pm Massage and Toytime It was the day after Valentine's Day and Lady M and I decided to keep the romance going. We had been having a sexy day, the kids were away and we had the house to ourselves. After a nice hot tub in the afternoon, we sat down to dinner and watched some MLNP videos. One by Modesty Ablaze got us all worked up, and after it was over we set up for a sexy massage. We turned the cameras on and this is what we captured...enjoy!