So... You Wanna Be A MakeLoveNotPornStar?

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The most important rule in sharing your #RealWorldSex is that above all your video must be consensual, contextualized, and porn-cliche free. What that means is, we want to see the sex you love to have, in the ways that you love to have it instead of performing what you think the audience wants to see. It really is that simple.

We’ve noticed that for many of our MakeLoveNotPornstars, this is their first time recording and sharing their #RealWorldSex, and they sometimes reach out to our curators for a little more guidance, which is why we’ve collected some of our best tips and tricks into the guides below.

How To Share Your #RealWorldSex on MakeLoveNotPorn

MakeLoveNotPorn is a one of a kind website. Not only are we the first social sex video sharing platform, dedicated to sharing videos of #RealWorldSex submitted from people like you all over the world, but we’re also 100% human curated. That’s right, every video on MakeLoveNotPorn is watched in its entirety by one of our curators before we decide to share it.

As one of those curators, I’ve helped countless people share their #RealWorldSex with our community. I’m constantly amazed and delighted by the joy, creativity, and vulnerability of our MLNPstars. One of the worst parts of my job are the rare instances when I have to turn down a video because it doesn’t quite fit with what we’re looking for.

Since we’re seeing more and more people excited about sharing their videos on MLNP I wanted to put together a quick guide to filming your #RealWorldSex for MakeLoveNotPorn. Follow the steps below to film a bangin’ #RealWorldSex video that we’ll want to share with our whole community!

Getting Ready

While spontaneity can be fun, a little bit of planning can go a long way in filming a great #RealWorldSex video. That doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy the fanciest gear on the market, many of our favorite videos were filmed on smartphones and we even have videos filmed on a VHS camera from the 1980’s! We do however, suggest taking a few minutes to make sure everything is working well before you get down to business.

Consider by finding an area with some natural light, or by using some well placed lamps to ensure we can see what’s going on. We all love having #RealWorldSex to our favorite sex soundtracks, but unfortunately, we need to make you aware that copyrighted music is an issue, so do check out the creative commons library for sexy MusicToMakeLoveNotPornTo, or if you have musician friends who’d love a whole new way to promote their music, give their tunes a whirl.

Decide where you’re going to place the camera so that it can capture the whole scene, ideally somewhere that won’t be jostled once things start rockin’. Nightstands and nearby chairs often make great locations, and you can use something like a stack of books to prop the camera up and adjust the height. If you’re using a phone, you’ll also want to make sure it’s turned on its side so you’re filming in landscape, not portrait. Finally, make sure the device you’re using is fully charged or plugged in so it doesn’t lose steam before you do.

Set it and Forget it

#RealWorldSex is all about not performing for the camera. Our favorite videos are the ones that feel like a glimpse into the sex you would be having anyway, even without the camera! Of course, we also love when our MLNPstars take the camera to bed with them for a #selfie, it gives our members a one of a kind POV and can even feel like they’re a part of the action! However, sometimes the action can be… well… rather active. It’s remarkably difficult to keep a camera steady while having #RealWorldSex, let alone in the throes of an orgasm. That’s why, for your first video, we recommend setting the camera off to the side where it can capture a much wider view.


Then, once the room is prepped and you hit record, we challenge you to try to forget about the camera entirely. I understand that’s a lot harder than it sounds, and once you’re filming, it can be tempting to try and enact the kinds of tropes we assume people want to see on camera (eg: we don’t need lots of genital close-ups to prove you’re having sex for real). It’s worth remembering though that many of our members come to us because they’re tired of the #PornWorldSex where we learned many of those tropes, and are looking for #RealWorldSex in all of it’s glorious, silly, beautiful, messy humanness.

Film Your Intro Video

Your intro video is a short clip that members can watch for free before they decide to rent your #RealWorldSex video. Some members include clips from their main video, while others use it as an opportunity to talk about their favorite parts of the sex they had, what got them excited to film, or anything else they want to share with viewers. A little of both can work quite well! The key reason we ask you to create an intro video, is to contextualize your #realworldsex. It’s a great opportunity for our members to get to know you, get a sense of your life/lives and who you are – feel free to be as creative as you like about how you choose to do that.

Edit Minimally (or not at all!)


#RealWorldSex doesn’t always start with penetration, and it doesn’t always end with an orgasm, and your video shouldn’t either! We want to see everything from the flirty banter that got you in the mood to the cuddles, pillow talk, and cleanup afterwards. While you’re certainly allowed to edit your videos, we particularly enjoy videos that share those moments that are so often left on the cutting room floor.

Was a fantastic #lickjob interrupted by an ill timed phone call? Did an ambitious attempt at a new position end with you falling off the bed entirely? #Whoops! Those are exactly the moments that make #RealWorldSex so real!

Reminder: Any music you add to your videos must be royalty free or we cannot publish it. We’ve even had a few members share their own music!

Share Your Video!

Before you can submit your #RealWorldSex video to our curation team, you’ll want to make sure you have your main video, your intro video, and two sets of government issued ID for each participant. You may also want to select some tags from our Licktionary and/or pick out 5 stills from your video to suggest to our curation team. If you submit less than 5 stills (or none at all) or we feel that your stills are not representative of your full video, our curators will select them for you.

Once you’ve gathered everything you need, head over to the submission page to send your video to our curation team! There, you’ll be asked to select a title for your video, and enter a backstory where you can tell viewers a little about what to expect. Once you upload all of the pieces of your submission you will be added to our curation queue and can expect to hear from someone on our team within 2-3 business days.

Welcome to the #SocialSexRevolution! We’re thrilled to have you with us.

How to Earn More #RealWorldCash on MakeLoveNotPorn

One of the most important parts of MakeLoveNotPorn’s philosophy is our revenue sharing model. We believe that when people create something other people enjoy, they should make money from it, and the more people who enjoy it, the more money they should make, so half of all revenue from the #RealWorldSex video rentals are paid out monthly directly back to the MakeLoveNotPornstars who contributed them!

I’m often asked how much our MakeLoveNotPornstars earn by sharing their #RealWorldSex, and honestly, that’s a surprisingly difficult question to answer! Since we are such a unique site we have members that engage with us in a number of different ways. Some folks only ever post a few videos a year and use the passive income to fund periodic date nights, while others use their #RealWorldCash to pay their bills, or even to live off of entirely!


Regardless of your situation, it’s natural to want more eyes on your #RealWorldSex, and to want to earn more while doing it. You look hot! You want people to see! You might even be tempted to fall back on some of the tropes you’ve seen in #PornWorldSex, like directing all of your attention at the camera or filling up your video with close ups. It’s helpful to remember in those moments that our community often comes to us to move away from that to see #RealWorldSex!

Instead of changing the content of your videos, ‘performing’, or doing something that doesn’t come naturally to you, try one of these 5 tips that we’ve found help get more attention for your videos!

Look to the Licktionary for Inspiration

Before we go any further on this one I want to emphasize once again how important it is that your video capture #RealWorldSex, so I am absolutely not suggesting that you treat our Licktionary like a scavenger hunt and do things just for the sake of getting that tag on your video. There are some things that just won’t sound fun to you – that’s cool!

However, if you’re feeling low on inspiration, the Licktionary might be a great source of ideas. Are there any tags that describe a kind of #RealWorldSex you love but haven’t caught on camera? Maybe you always film your #late night #ravenous lovemaking, but never thought to capture the #wakeywakey #quickie you enjoyed last week. Could you dedicate a video to showing off what you love about your favorite tag? Maybe show off everything you love about #strappedon sex or give us your favorite tips for #lickjobs. There might even be a tag that you’ve always been curious about, but never had the opportunity to try. We love it when our MLNPstars capture their first time with something new – just make sure to be #communicative if it turns out you don’t love it!

Create an Eye Catching Intro Video + Backstory

image 2

The key reason we ask you to create an intro video, is to contextualize your #RealWorldSex. It’s a great opportunity for our members to get to know you, get a sense of your life/lives and who you are – feel free to be as creative as you like about how you choose to do that. They are free to view for all of our members and can help folks get excited about seeing your #RealWorldSex!

We find that intro videos that get the most attention from our members are those that capture the personality of the MLNPstars who made them while also incorporating some details about the #RealWorldSex video it accompanies.

Consider telling us what turned you on before you started filming, giving us a tour of where you had #RealWorldSex, taking us out for a date, or having some fun and making something really creative. If you prefer to stay incognito, you might consider including your voice in your intro without your face like RoseOne, or sharing your story through text and images like Malimi.

Some members also like to incorporate some clips from the video itself into their intro, this can be a great way to whet the viewer’s appetite. If you want to expand your reach even further, take a page from ModestyAblaze’s book and create a SFW edit of your intro that you can share on social media, and then direct them to your page on MLNP to see the full intro and rent the video!

Share your Video on Social Media

Many of our most active MLNPstars promote their videos on the other social media sites where they are active. Consider sharing what you love about this video, why you decided to share your #RealWorldSex, or a cute story about what it was like to film, along with your intro video or stills. With a little tech know-how you could even create gifs of your favorite moments to share. Just make sure you don’t forget to include a link to your video!

If you want even more eyes on your video, make sure to tag @MakeLoveNotPorn and #SocialSexRevolution so we can find your post and share it! Our social team loves promoting our MLNPstars and want to boost your posts whenever they can, however most social media platforms are not known for being friendly towards NSFW content. That’s a big part of why we exist! It also means that in the interest of keeping our accounts active, we do not share any NSFW content on our social media pages.

So – if you want to make sure we can share your social post when you tag us, make sure that any videos or images you include are SFW and that everyone’s bits are covered!

Help Us Promote You!

MLNP would not be what it is without our amazing community of MLNPstars, and we love sharing safe for work stills and intro videos in our blog, emails, and across our social media accounts!

We also recognize that everyone has a different level of comfort with publicity, so we do not share any content without explicit permission. If you are interested in having your content shared on our emails, or social media, or even writing something or our blog, please reach out to our sales manager to hear more about what we do to promote you!

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Have More #RealWorldSex!

The easiest (and let’s face it, most fun) way to keep driving attention to your profile is to keep sharing videos. Each time you share a new video it will be listed on the Latest Videos page, giving new folks a chance to stumble across your profile. It also creates new opportunities for folks who already love watching your videos to see something new!

This doesn’t mean creating a rigorous shooting schedule, and we certainly don’t expect you to feel guilty when you take some time away from filming. Our MLNPstars’ sex lives (and schedules!) fluctuate just like anyone else’s! However we find that the people who keep MLNP in mind, have a camera nearby, and regularly incorporate filming into their sex lives are the people who see the most consistent payouts.