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  • Shared by: Desertdelight
    We decided to use our new bed straps so the Mrs enjoys getting all tied up in this video. We had some hot sexy fun in this video especially after the Mrs. had so many orgasms in a row. The video has a second part to it later in the evening when we start having sex again and we were in the mood for some dirty talk. Mrs D really got into the dirty talk as we had anal sex in our second sex session of the evening. We had such a great time trying something new and hope you enjoy!
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  • Shared by: Modesty Ablaze
    You won’t be surprised that I receive a lot of “custom video” requests from my pages at Modesty Ablaze dot com - occasionally too naughty EVEN FOR ME to contemplate. But sometimes they stir my imagination, perhaps weeks . . . usually on a Sunday afternoon when I am lounging in bed and suddenly feeling a little horny and in need of some quick “Me-Time”. Though actually, it normally ISN’T quick, because when I feel in the mood for play-time fun I like to make it last as long as I can. So on one Sunday recently, I called Hubby upstairs and told him to get his camera ready.
  • Shared by: Carlotta+Mr.F
    Carlotta and I often enjoy storytime together, reading out loud to each other material that is both naughty and nice. If it's an especially hot tale, one of us might try and convince the other to skip the good parts and get to the best parts, as this video shows. The selection here is from Marquis de Sade's "Philosophy in the Boudoir," which was fun for us to read together awhile back, as it is structured as a dialogue, so we could each play the various parts -- though in this scene, I read all the parts. The story centers on a lecherous man and woman who conspire to teach a "bewitching novice" a thing or ten in the bedroom. With a couple of notable exceptions (not appearing in this reading), it doesn't approach the raunch of his most notorious works, but it is delightfully depraved, and we had a lot of fun with it. -Mr. F Music (trailer only): "I Knew a Guy" by Kevin MacLeod; from The Free Music Archive, Creative Commons License
  • Shared by: CPL#4US
    After a long stressful day and after several stiff drink Erika decided she wanted to make another video. Nothing scripted just loving, playful anything goes fun. We started with lots of kissing, touching and licking all over. As Erika got more excited she wanted to ride me reverse cowgirl and then a little going dutch. To change it up a bit sometimes Erika loves it when I lube myself up and slide my hard wet cock up and down her ass. She was so wet and horny I got a few of her favorite toys out. Sliding her butt plug with braided tail into her ass from behind I then slid her double ended dildo inside her for a DP. I started masturbating at the same time rubbing my head into all the wetness and pleasure going on. Erika got so turned on watching me play with myself that after her third orgasm we finished off with me stroking my cock, her rubbing my prostate and talking about a FFM threesome we had once and often fantasize over and over again.
  • Shared by: Richard Coyote
    We decide to experiment with our first roleplay video. In our take on roleplay we attempt to keep our interactions authentic while playing with roleplay tropes and flipping some of them upside down. The set up for this scene is that we're step siblings who've suddenly and inexplicably swapped bodies. Our hope was to avoid some of the potentially creepy and heteronormative pitfalls that often plague common roleplay porn and make something both silly and sexy.
  • Shared by: KTKoi
    "I used to play with myself all the time, for pleasure and for work, lately I've only wanted to share pleasure with you." This video came out of texting with Ro while he was at work. I was at home reading erotica and sending him naughty selfies and video snippets. He was teasing me telling me how he might have to start masturbating at work. I got myself all worked up and I couldn't help myself. So I thought it would be cute to make a video for him. He got home after the video was finished and was all over me. Part 1 I'm sharing with you today, Part 2 has yet to be edited.
  • Shared by: LucidLovers
    Somewhere between leaving NYC and arriving in NJ for Exxxotica We got sick… too sick to make it to the convention, but not sick enough to keep Our hands and mouths off of each other… so Janira decided to take control over that part…
  • Shared by: RoseOne
    My thirtieth movie here ! Explaining more about my new relationship, singing, twerking, naked talk, energetic orgasm talk, squirt and a French orgasm. Quite a long video to celebrate all this time on MLNP !
  • Shared by: lilycade
    Zoe wanted to have her first lesbian experience, and I was happy to help. The sex that follows is not your typical porno scene - it's a process of learning each others' bodies, talking, and fucking so much we run out of space on the camera.
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  • Shared by: angeno23
    Wearing a Sexy little spring dress, we heat things up going dutch, and more Dutch! Turning each other on with intense oral, almost to the point of no return. Somehow we managed to hold off orgasms, so we could take time ravishing each others hot bodies more!!
  • Shared by: Asphyxia<3Danny
    We are real-life couple, Asphyxia Noir and Danny Wylde. This is our first real world sex video. It's also the first time Danny's had sex on camera since retiring from mainstream porn. We came into this feeling excited, and then incredibly vulnerable and nervous. Please enjoy a piece of ourselves: romantic, shy, rough, dirty, and sweet. Two porn stars trying to figure out how we make love to each other, and how to share that with you :).
  • Shared by: Vanessa26
    I recently bought a new dress and it makes me feel really cute! So, I decided to film myself masturbating in it. I masturbated in front of a mirror watching myself while I was doing it. I find it hot and sexy. There is a lot of giggling at the beginning while I tell you about my new pink hair! :D also, I had to cut the video a couple of times because I accidentally showed my face... I hope you'll enjoy it!