How this works is of the people, by the people, and for the people who believe that the sex we have in our everyday life is the hottest sex there is.

We are not porn - porn is performance (often an exceedingly delicious performance, but a performance nonetheless).

We are not 'amateur' - a label that implies that the only people doing it right are the professionals and the rest of us are bumbling idiots. (Honey, please.)

We are #realworldpeople, #realworldsex, #realworldfeelings, #realworldrelationships, #realworldbodies, #realworldhotness, #realworldeverything.

We are in beta, people!

This means that, because we are testing our platform out in the real world, your experience of will likely involve a few bugs (which, as beta users, we ask that you share with us with kindness, patience, and always assuming positive intent).

As importantly, the features currently available represent only a small selection of what we have planned.

In a nutshell, here's how this works

  • share

    your #realworldsex video.

  • enjoy

    $5 per video rental. 3 wks unlim. viewing

  • enjoy

    whatever you want w/ your earnings

  • share

    50% of the profits

  • After joining, you peruse our mouthwatering selection of #realworldsex videos.
  • You find one that makes you feel all tingly and you RENT it. Good things ensue:
    • Every video, regardless of length, is only $5 to rent, after which it is yours for three weeks to watch as many times as your heart (and body) desires.
    • 50% of the proceeds from your rental (revenue, less hosting/bandwidth/transaction costs) go to the #makelovenotpornstar who submitted their video. This rad and unique profit-sharing model reflects our unwavering belief that everyone, everywhere should enjoy the fruits of their creativity.
  • Perhaps you aspire to makelovenotpornstardom? Or are more of the sharing persuasion and would like to EARN some ducats to PLAY with to fund your madcap dreams?
    • In that case, you SUBMIT a blazingly hot video of #realworldsex in your #realworldlife to our curators, along with $5 (non-refundable submission fee).
    • Should your video meet all of our criteria and pass muster for #realworldsex and #realworldhottness, you start earning fame and fortune as others rent your videos.
    • Because (and as we say above), every time someone rents your video, you get half of the rental proceeds (we'll tell you exactly how much on payout; it will vary slightly based on cost allocation at different times depending on how many videos we carry). Quelle boomness!

A few other bits you should know

It is free to join, but... must be of legal age to view our content, and have read and agreed to our We do ask for your email address, but lest you worry, we promise to only contact you when necessary. For details, review our

We publish in editions...

...meaning that we collect together all of the new #realworldsex videos and publish them together on Wednesdays (in celebration of Hump Day, 'natch). Kinda like a magazine or other periodical. You will see the latest edition first thing when you sign in.

Of course, you can always peruse the full canon by clicking the 'See Ours' eyeball at the top of the screen.

Fancy tickled?
Ready to rent?

Just click the 'Rent' button.

Each rental costs $5 and gives you 3 weeks of unlimited viewing.

On your statement...

...charges will appear as ""

In keeping with our mission to make #realworldsex socially acceptable and shareable, we hope to someday appear as "" but currently this seems to cause undue bank/credit card hassle. Would you be cool with having show up on your statement? Let us know! Email .

Sharing your

Checked out our criteria for #realworldsex videos? Reckon you'll deliver? Ready to become a #makelovenotpornstar? YES! YES! YES!

To upload, click 'Share yours' at the top of the page or in your profile.

We (as in real, live, human, fabulous curators) review every video submission to make sure it's #realworldsex before deciding to publish. So please make sure whatever you send our way is consensual, and captured in a contextualized, cliche-free #realworld way.


Contextualized: Show and tell a backstory

Cliche Free: Free of porn tropes, please.

Consensual: Obviously

Extra Credit:

Condom-hot: If you roll with condoms, sex 'em up!

Comical: It happens ;) let's see it.!

For more on submissions:

  • Know it and love it
  • Hello lovelies!: What do we mean by #realworldsex and how to capture it (should you decide to go there, and we hope you do)
  • Backstories are hot!: The making of a good intro video
  • Insextor Gadget: Tips, tricks and gadgetry
We believe that everyone
should realize the value
of what they create.

In a world where you can access so much online for free, and where artists, creators and producers struggle to make money, we believe that everyone who creates something that gives other people pleasure deserves to make money from it.

Once your work is accepted and published, you get 50% of all per-view profits - so every time a member rents your #realworldsex video, we give you 50% of the profits. (We use the other 50% to fund and build out Plus the more you share, the more money you could make and use to either rent other videos or to take and do whatever you want with it.

Payments in & out

Payouts are made on a 90-day basis and only if your account has a balance of more than $1.

If you're US-based, you'll need to create a Dwolla account to receive them and notify our curators ( of your dwolla account number once your video(s) are live. If you're outside the US, we have a different system which we'll advise you of. Please contact with any questions. We are battling old-world-order financial institutions with old-world-order attitudes to 'adult content'. Which we will overcome.

Finally, it should go without saying but we are going to say it anyway: We hold our hands over our hearts when we say that any and all financial details you provide will be kept strictly confidential. We will never bill you without your knowledge or charge you hidden fees.


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