Who's behind it

Welcome to! We're pro-sex, pro-porn, pro-knowing the difference - and very, very pro-your joining us!

If you share this belief, then join forces with a group of codesmiths, designsmiths, a couple badass babes in bobs & a slew of real-world pioneers in an experiment that celebrates all of us who makesillyfunnymagnificentcrazydirtysexymessygloriousridiculoushumanlovenotporn.

Love -
Cindy, Oonie, Corey, Sarah, Michael, Daniel, Rachel & Daniel

Our gang: the unruly nerds behind

  • Cindy Gallop
    Cindy Gallop Founder & CEO
    • Captivated by

      Taxidermy, Tokyo, William Gibson

    • Can't live without

      Sex, martinis

    • Deeply grateful for

      Younger men

  • Corey Innis
    Corey Innis CTO & Code Whisperer
    • Captivated by


    • Can't live without


    • Deeply grateful for

      The open source community

  • Oonie Chase
    Oonie Chase Experience Goddess
    • Captivated by

      rick owens, boston terriers & the ocean

    • Can't live without

      epic fantasy & scotch

    • Deeply grateful for

      sky-high heels

  • Sarah Beall
    Sarah Beall Madam Curator
    • Captivated by

      1950s New Look Fashion, Thunderstorms, Rock and roll

    • Can't live without

      A reason to get dressed up, Hitachi Magic Wand

    • Deeply grateful for


  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith Design Philosopher
    • Captivated by

      fermentation, philosophy, fiction

    • Can't live without

      bicycles. beer.

    • Deeply grateful for

      quiet time

  • Daniel Blackman
    Daniel Blackman Art Director / Designer
    • Captivated by

      People, Art, Nature

    • Can't live without

      Music, Travel

    • Deeply grateful for


  • Rachel Heaton
    Rachel Heaton Code Whisperer
    • Captivated by

      ocean views, late-night conversations, nature documentaries

    • Can't live without

      jersey knit, hot sauce

    • Deeply grateful for

      men who swim

  • Daniel Ramteke
    Daniel Ramteke Code Whisperer
    • Captivated by

      Louis C.K., Kelly Oxford

    • Can't live without

      pipian chicken, ma po to fu, Chilean wine, bourbon

    • Deeply grateful for

      people who have stuck up for me, long conversations

Advisors: the few, the brave, the marvelously wise

  • Dan Ariely
    Dan Ariely

    James B. Duke Professor of Psychology & Behavioral Economics at Duke University Author of the New York Times bestsellers Predictably Irrational and The Upside of Irrationality. His new book, The Truth About Dishonesty, came out in June 2012.

    Generally, I do what Cindy asks me to. More seriously, I am interested in behavioral change and this is one important area that behavioral change is needed.

  • Chris Poole
    Chris Poole

    Founder of 4chan and Canvas

    The state of modern-day pornography is dire and mlnpTV gone fix it!

  • Jincey Lumpkin, Esq.
    Jincey Lumpkin, Esq.

    Founder & Chief Sexy Officer of Juicy Pink Box

    More sex, more fun! It's my passion in life to help people enjoy sex and connect with sensuality. MLNP opens a platform for all of us to see #realworldsex and peek into the private lives of others. It's the ultimate experience in voyeurism!

Others we need to thank: couldna done it without 'em