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RealWorldSexTime: 6 minutes

Hey y’all! This morning we were running short on time yet decided to make time for a little love making might be short but it’s definitely sweet! It starts out with some amazingly satisfying caressing & jumps right into an intense standing scene...I just moved everything in our living room & we were definitely enjoying trying out the newly arranged area. Just last month as a personal gift I got my vch (clitorial hood) pierces & the way my husband holds me when he is standing creates this tingle you would not believe, with each thrust that pushes me against his stomach it sends literal shivers thru my spine if we could spend more time & not be in a rush for him heading off to work the way it made me feel was on the edge of a deeply exhilarating orgasm & I just feel so blessed to be able to still after 11 yrs find these new positions & passion it really is unfortunate how movies & what felt like my entire raising gave me the impression that marriage lacked whatsoever passion, sexual drive, fantasies, New & exciting moments because the word needs to be spread that the longer your together the BETTER it gets! Love & warmth to you all! ??


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