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40 Minutes of Foreplay and 2 Minutes of Penetration

Pull my hair

Ride em' cowgirl

don’t peek

Squirt and love in the bathtub

let's talk about love

Silent mirror masturbation

Grinding on my Dom until She Wakes up to Fuck Me 🥵

We got distracted from our movie…

Desperate Sub touches herself for her Dom

First try making love not porn

Relaxing Massage With Mind-Blowing Release 😉

Quickie Blow Job In The Car Before Getting On His Plane 🚗 🍆💦

Fucking in someone’s shower, hoping my phone doesn’t die!!

Love & Dismounts

Bedtime Rituals part 2

bedtime rituals

Bound, Gagged, & Fucked In The Ass

Breakfast In Bed 💦

Jerking Him Off While Eating His Ass Until He Cums