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RealWorldSexTime: 39 minutes

Richedge writes: rnWe are polyamorous and I live with my nesting partner. My other partner and I work from her home together. On my way into work today, my partner said: "Bring your cameras." rnWe do video podcasting as well from time to time -- so it's not an unusual request, but I thought this seems different -- she wants to shoot a video.rnAnd indeed that was the case. She asked me to blindfold her and tease her and edge her for the camera. I was only too happy to oblige. Our deal is: if she touches me with her hands, I stop. I had to remind her several times to stop touching me!rnThis time was different -- we've been together a year, and she's never used an anal toy on me. I had been craving that for a while and so we broke out the stainless steel butt plug.rnOur 2019 resolution is to shoot more MNLP videos, so it was a real pleasure we could do that today.


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