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RealWorldSexTime: 37 minutes

This video is a compendium of several different elements we've been wanting to include in a MLNP video for a while now: rough sex, sexting, and the way that filming a sexual experience changes and enhances that experience (especially, as in this case, when your friend has generously agreed to come over and spend her evening shooting you so you can focus on the activity at hand). rnrnLately we've discovered that when Dylan and I (Lizzie) engage our more respectively dominant and submissive tendencies, sexting beforehand is a good way to get into character and suss out expectations about what's going to happen. We've also discovered that we can put my twinges of jealousy regarding Dylan's other partners to good use and that Dylan, who doesn't tend to experience jealousy toward my other partners, can play along with my desire to be the object of jealousy and occasionally pretend to be angry about his slutty wife, as you'll see in the video.rnrnBarely-audible background music: Maggy France by Emma May. Used with permission.


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