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RealWorldSexTime: 10 minutes

She didn’t want to be on top. So how did he react? “OK! For the next ten times, you’re on top. You’re welcome to wake me up and ride me any time. In fact, I insist.” That’s difficult for her. She feels exposed. She feels indulgent.How would you react to that? An invitation to indulgence? One of the privileges of this platform (MLNP) is that we get to see the authentic responses of real people having real sex. This was the second or third session of our “obligatory cowgirl” experiment. And he decided to film her face as she was riding him. You can actually see her expression as she comes. And then he gets off as well. You will hear the conversation that all lovers have about their relationships as they have sex. He teases her about her being on top — she likes it, she’s aroused by it, she’s exposed by it, and he gets off on it too. It’s ten minutes long. That’s all we needed.


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