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RealWorldSexTime: 6 minutes

Here's a 180 degree turn from our last video, and Dylan's directorial/editing debut on MLNP! (Usually Lizzie calls the shots and then edits the video together.) We've been talking about making a dreamy, non-linear video, an ode to the Four Chambers films we love so much. And we wanted to use these Bluetooth colour changing LEDs Dylan bought for a short film shoot last fall. So we filmed bits of our whole evening—getting ready to go out to dinner, walking to our favourite Korean restaurant, walking home, and finally having some slow, sensual sex in our chromatically infused bedroom. This video includes: an Invisalign reference to rival Billie Eilish's, Dylan's continuing experiments with gold eyeliner, a moment of feedback which we discovered later was coming from our terrifyingly high-tech lightbulbs (?!), more sex toys (2) than we've ever used in a video together, a glimpse of Strathcona Junction (the neighbourhood adjacent to ours), and, naturally, some wild oats. We thought about using our new collar and leash, but we weren't in a rough mood, so I guess you'll just have to wait for the next video :)


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