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Lady Catherine DeFenestra



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RealWorldSexTime: 14 minutes

Having been to the MLNP watch party hosted by The Goddess Erica on zoom earlier, we were pretty worked up and found ourselves squirming with the desperate need to grind ourselves into oblivion, considering we'd been watching hot preview videos for 90 minutes with no release, Erica essential edged the entire zoom lol. So... We set up the equipment in the bathroom whining the entire time, our need rising and took an embarrassing amount of time just getting ready because we needed it so bad. The rest we don't entirely remember, but there's a lot of screaming, laughter, comical disorientation, and i think it lasts about 12 minutes but even during the intro video it wasn't really over, in fact, afterwards, when we were capable, we lay in bed, coming down from the heights for probably another forty minutes. absolutely epic.


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