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RealWorldSexTime: 31 minutes

We nearly didn't post this.
It's a really intense raw scene. I think this is the kind of sex that Make Love Not Porn is supposed to promote. It shows the preparation; the awkwardness of trying a strapon dildo for the first time. The huge amounts of lube we used to make sure the anal was going to be safe and fun. It also showed something almost going wrong. After using the strapon, she penetrated him with her fingers. At one point it was so intense he just wanted to give up. But after a short break, she used a stainless steel buttplug on him and witnessed an epic orgasm. You can us chatting after the scene and debriefing what just happened. Later that night we made love again, which was just as intense -- but we didn't catch it on camera. If you're into pegging and seeing two real people orgasm, this one is for you.


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