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RealWorldSexTime: 12 minutes

When our friends invited us to the mountains we weren't going to say no. The view from our room of the side of the mountain was gorgeous, dogwoods in bloom. I couldn't stop smiling. Left alone for a little while, we got cozy in bed. I start to strip, my man already lost his clothes because he loves being nude. Making sure to make the most of our vacation, we made love several times quietly, nobody walked by the sliding window surprisingly. I'm so glad we filmed this to share with you, as this is how we normally have sex. Girl on top is one of the most satisfying positions for both of us. I like to get my partner hard and then hop on to do my signature rocking motion. It's the slightest little movements but they feel amazing. I position my vulva on his hairy belly and when it gets wet, its overwhelmingly good. Lots of squishy sex sounds because I got really creamy. My entire pussy grinding gently on his warm skin while being filled, it's the best. I never get tired of riding, but my thighs do! Luckily I get thrust into a bit to give my legs a break. Closeups of the action included, I extend my arm behind me awkwardly to film with my phone so you can see the cum drip out of me lol.


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