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RealWorldSexTime: 8 minutes

Ok, so we never do this! This is an impromptu phone video, with lots of shaky camera movement because Dylan just decided to start filming in the middle of fucking me. Which was hot. Not shown: continuing to discover lube (why did it take so long?), Dylan interrupting my nap preparations, our super clean bedroom window through which I'm sure our neighbours would have been looking if Dylan hadn't made me close the curtains. We've had a tough time feeling sexually in sync lately—both of us are in the middle of big, overwhelming creative projects, Dylan's been traveling, I've been having a bad time with my mental health, Dylan's been having a bad time with his physical health—but today we spent the morning harvesting our garden and cleaning the windows and then just went for it. So this video is not as "produced" as some of the other ones we've made, but it's good to change things up, and so nice to have something new to share :)


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