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Tierney & Satine



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RealWorldSexTime: 13 minutes

Satine has been pole dancing for almost two years now, and this summer we built a home studio in our garage. Ever since then Tierney has been fantasizing about me dancing and stripping for them. Last night we made that fantasy a reality. After Satine danced and stripped, she sat on Tierney’s lap for some kisses and cuddling before getting on her knees. She sucked their cock until I thought they would explode. Then they ordered me back to the pole, bent me over, and fucked me hard. The studio mirror is the best part! We will definitely be having more fun out here. Please note: the dance portion of my video is muted because we aren’t allowed to share music here. But we’ve linked the song below. And don’t worry, you’ll be able to hear us in the second half of the video!


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