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RealWorldSexTime: 13 minutes

This was a fun night on the Labour Day long weekend! Lady M and Mr C have found themselves a boyfriend to share! On this particular day we had met our boyfriend and his wife at their condo in the city. We had a wonderful evening threesome while his wife watched and took some videos, then they went home and we decided to have some more fun. Lady M uses a new rabbit toy to buzz while Mr C lends a helping hand. Sadly the toy is not great. The rabbit ears are too floppy, the buzz mode button is in the wrong order and goes from strongest to softest vibration, and on top of that, if you hold it too tightly in your hand, the vibration slows down...not a great toy. Despite these hurdles, Mr C manages to help Lady M get well warmed up. We ended up having some passionate sex after this video, but that wasn't captured on film. Our new friends also came back to the condo the next day and we made another video then...lots more coming soon from Malimi! Enjoy this warm up of post-sex/pre-sex in our new sexy swinger condo in the city where we can play!


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