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Tierney & Satine



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RealWorldSexTime: 15 minutes

Remember all those 80s silhouette love scenes? Well, we’ve got one for you today. And this time your parents won’t be trying to cover your eyes! In this video, Tierney and I are softly backlit in our bedroom. We start with Tierney fucking me with just the tip. This really gets my g-spot! I cum several times before they flip me over. Then they’re dicking me down hard while I hold on for dear life through orgasm after orgasm. Finally I get on top and stroke Tierney’s cock before straddling it. I’m pretty sure cowgirl is their favorite position. I love it too because they can squeeze my tits and I can watch them enjoy my pussy. After I come a few more times, Tierney can’t hold on any longer and cums hard. The video ends with lots of cuddling. Hope you enjoy our good time as much as we did!


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