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RealWorldSexTime: 12 minutes

It was a quiet Friday night in their small apartment. After an intimate dinner, they decided to retire to their bedroom. The candlelight created a cozy atmosphere, while the soft scent of vanilla filled the air. He pulled out an erotic toy from his drawer, a flesh-colored dildo, and she felt a mix of excitement and nervousness. Without a word, he knelt in front of her and began to gently caress her thighs, slowly moving up towards her core. She closed her eyes, surrendering to the pleasure of his touch. The toy brushed against her skin, sending waves of pleasure throughout her body. He slid it between her legs, finding the exact spot that made her moan softly. She arched her back, feeling the pleasure building inside her. With expert movements, he played with the toy, alternating between gentle and quick motions that took her to the edge of ecstasy again and again. Finally, with a muffled moan, she reached climax, her body trembling with the intensity of the orgasm.


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